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Superwinch Tiger Shark 11500 SR 12V, 1511201


This is the Superwinch Tiger Shark 11500 SR, a step up from the 9500.  Featuring a more powerful motor, the 11500 SR shares all the great features that make the Superwinch Tiger Shark line one of the most popular in winching.


Superwinch took their best-seller and added synthetic rope to make this killer deal of a winch even better.  But wait, Superwinch took it a step further and redesigned the brake - moving it into the motor so the drum stays cool and your rope stays strong.  Other brands just slap rope on and call it a day - not Superwinch.  Their testing shows that just regular use can cook rope making it degrade in strength.


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Superwinch Tiger Shark 11500 SR 12V, 1511201 has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 2 reviews.

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