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Rant: Hidden Winch

We love clean builds and installations.  One thing we're not fond of us a hidden winch and the reason is simple: safe winching requires an eye on the drum.  Many installs we see prevent anyone from telling if the rope is spooling up correctly or you're headed for disaster.

Here's a pretty good example of what I am talking about.  While I love that you can see the logo of this early generation LP Series winch, that's about all you can see.  That makes me nervous.

  Imagine a long pull where you've got most of the cable off the drum.  It would only take maybe 10 wraps in a worst-case scenario (usually a side pull) before you're clearance between rope and winch is causing trouble.  We're talking the kind of trouble where the winch starts to destroy itself - the likely scenario is rope builds up on one side of winch and breaks the drum support castings which will end your winching session in most cases.  Not a good thing.

View ports are critical to safe winching.

Jon Mason
Jon Mason